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Log In Problems

Q: I created an account on the APP and logged in, but I can't see access to the group I want to see.

During the sign up process, you most likely downloaded the APP and created a profile.  However, to access specific information and screening questions from your group (i.e. High School or Race), you need to log in to a specific link to gain access to important information. 

PLEASE CHECK YOUR SIGN UP INSTRUCTIONS as it SHOULD HAVE A LINK or information you need to get access successfully to all the features of the APP. 

If you have any troubles, please contact or contact your local liaison.  

Q: I don't have a username and password? How do I sign in for the first time?

To access the SPORTZPEAK app, you need to create a SPORTZPEAK account on the login screen on the APP or at  If you have any questions, please contact

Q: I can't log in. Nothing happens?

1. Please check your username and password.  Your username should be the email you created your account with.

2. Did you recently change your password?   If you did change your password, close the app completely and restart the app and reenter your username and password. 

3. If you still have password issues, please reset your password at 


If still having problems please contact

Q: How do I fix my "Password Error" problem?

Please check your password.  Your username should be the same as the email you signed up with.  If you can't remember the correct password, please go to and select "Log In" in the upper right corner.  Please select forgot my password, which will direct you to send a password reset to your email account. If you still have problems, please send and email any screenshots to 

Q: I need help? I still can't sign in.

Please take a screen shot of any issues or the step where you need help with.  Send it to and include any explanations and screenshots. We will contact you as soon as possible. 

How To Use the App

Q: I logged in, but i don't see any information related to my event/group?

You have signed into the app, however, most groups and events will request that you click on a specific sign in link to be able to see or access specific content. Please check your email for information from the event. If you were invited to use the app by an event/group sign up button or link in that email.

If you have not received an email or are having difficulties, please contact your group admin or email

The App is new, so content is limited at the present time.


Q: My profile picture isn't working right. How can I change it?

If you'd like to change your photo or there is a format or resolution issue so that your profile picture isn't displaying correctly, please log into with your username and password. You will be able to reach your dashboard, which shows you the events you are involved with. Under your profile picture, you can click "Edit" which will let you change your profile information, including uploading a new photo. 


Q: I don't see any training schedule or workout cards?

In order to see workouts suggested by your coach, provider or event, many groups will require be invited to see the content.  Please check your email for specific links to SPORTPZEAK app-based information. If you don't see an email, then discuss with your contact or email us at

Screener Features

Q: As a screener, do I use the APP or the website?

Typically the SPORTZPEAK APP is used by the athletes, although screeners will be able to use the apps with the appropriate access.  The screener can use the SPORTZPEAK App to 1. check athletes for their screening status, or 2. to perform screening of athletes on-site.

Ideally you should use the native IOS (apple) or Google Play App.  

Many features can be used on both the SPORTZPEAK App and online if you prefer a tablet or computer.  The onliine software can be found at or a branded company landing page.  The web-based tool can be accessed through a smartphone browser.

If you are still having problems, please contact