Sportzpeak helps athletes train smarter and safer.

The Sportzpeak App connects you and your team to share exercise plans and progress. Our apps let you communicate directly and securely with your team.

Sportzpeak is helping track exercise in novel ways connecting sports medicine, science and technology.
Anthony Luke MD, MPH, Founder, Medical Director SF Marathon

Keep Your Athletes Safe As They Return to Sport

Our apps help with communication and monitoring

We're working with the Athletic Department at Serra High School to help screen athletes.
With the SZP app, coaches and athletes can work together to reduce risk and prevent any illnesses and injuries.

The SZP app can connect the teams, as schools continue to work on encouraging fun and safe sports.

Get information about your exercise all in one place

News from your events, vetted sports medicine tips about performance and injury prevention

With the SPORTZPEAK App, access all the important information from your coach, event organizers, health providers with simple pictures, videos and instructions. Everything you need to know all in one place. Simple.

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